Terms And Conditions Refund Policy

SharavozTV provides IPTV for clients all over the world and incurs liability for its services. All customers are subject to the following Terms and Conditions:

Services and Rights

The user shall select the service from the range of them presented at the website. The conditions regulating them apply to all services and products available. SharavozTV may change Terms and Conditions at any time or cease rendering them.

Number of channels

The number of channels may change depending on the updates we make periodically.

Payment Terms

The payment is made monthly, quarterly or in other timeframes regulated by the chosen plan.

We accept payment with the following list of cards: Visa, American Express, Master Card. SharavozTV encourages its clients to make online payments as they reduce the time of order processing.

We do not bill you, you choose when and for how long to buy a subscription in accordance with our tariff plans.

Refund policy

It is our priority that all our clients are satisfied with the Service. We believe in our products 100% but we understand that no service can work perfectly for everyone all time. If you are not satisfied with your purchase or you have an issue that we were unable to solve which make the system unusable, we are more than happy to provide a refund.

When should a refund be requested?

Please do understand and accept that we can’t provide refunds due to technical issues unless you allow us to try to solve them and assist you. If we are unable to resolve a problem within 48 hours that occurred in the data center with our broadcast servers, we will refund your money. Keep in mind that you can contact our support at during business hours UTC+0 from 6:00 am to 2:00 pm if you need assistance.

How to request a refund?

You should contact us making note of your transaction order ID with subject: “Request for refund” and describe in your e-mail the issues you are facing and the reason for this request. The same email that was used to place the order should be used to request the refund.

Refund conditions:

Refunds may only be issued within 5 days after the order was placed. After 5 days no refunds can be processed.

We will do our best to refund any users immediately after receiving the request and checking the user information. It takes around 20 to 31 working days for the refund to be reflected on the customers bank account however, there are cases in which a refund could take longer.

We will not send refunds if: User request a refund after 5 days of placing the order. Customer didn’t satisfied/like the channel line-up or performance. We offer a previous free trial to every potential customer; we recommend to take a trial before placing any order to be sure that our service is what you are looking for. If some channels are freezing, buffering or not working since there are several reason for this behavior like: customer internet fluctuations, issue with the box/apps/customer setup in general, , content is down from server end, server routine update and/or any kind of ISP issue (ISP issues have absolutely nothing to do with the service itself).